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What life was like 100 years ago by Alex




The Great War of 1914-1918 is a vast subject.

28th June

  • The Archduke Franz Ferdinand assassinated at Sarajevo.


In 1939 the German- American climber Fritz Wiessner led an expedition to K2, again enlisting the help of Pasang Kikuli’s Sherpas. Though Wiessner was an excellent climber this group’s ability was very mixed, a fact which ultimately proved very problematic during this particular attempt.

Camps 1-7 were established as in previous expeditions and the climbers pushed onwards to establish Camp 8 at 7,710 meters. At this stage, on 19th July, Wiessner and Pasang continued upwards to establish Camp 9 at an altitude 7,940 meters, leaving fellow climber Wolfe behind. Given the favourable weather conditions, Wiessner was keen complete the ascent by moonlight but as Pasang was reluctant; the pair instead began their descent. Exhausted, they reached Camp 9 at 2.30am. They had come the closest of anyone yet to reaching the 8,000 meter K2 summit.

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“What life was like 100 years ago by Alex”

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