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Katie’s WW1 report


  The nation placed a great importance on the role of children, teaching them patriotism and national service and asking them to encourage war support and educate the public about the importance of the war. The boy scouts helped distribute war pamphlets, helped sell war bonds, and helped to drive nationalism and support for the war.

What was life like 100 years ago? by Amber G


What schools were like 100 years ago They ate beans, soup and  dumplings for dinner and study poetry and learn the countries of the British Empire. If you do something wrong you get caned or you would have to wear the dunce hat. It makes you very embarrassed.      

life 100 years ago by Jessica.s.


The war caused lots of destruction. Like when the Germans attacked. As well as that it hurt a lot of people too.

What life was like 100 years ago by Alex


    The Great War of 1914-1918 is a vast subject. 28th June The Archduke Franz Ferdinand assassinated at Sarajevo. Wiessner(1939) In 1939 the German- American climber Fritz Wiessner led an expedition to K2, again enlisting the help of Pasang Kikuli’s Sherpas. Though Wiessner was an excellent climber this group’s ability was very mixed, a […]

Katie’s post


have not haven’t you are you’re we are we’re should not shouldn’t   could not couldn’t apostrophes are replacing  words

Archie P


My favourite lesson throughout  the year September 2014-2015. Is learning about dinosaurs becoming extinct  meteorite hit the ground and a volcano erupted my opinion is I absolutely loved that lesson.

Facts and Opinions by Jessica s.


My favourite lesson this year is literacy because I loved learning about Dr X.

Lewis’s Fact And Opinions


MY FAVOURITE LESSON … My favourite lesson is math because I like challenging myself with tricky sums. However, people hate math since they don’t like challenging themselves with sums .    

Facts and Opinions By Rachel N


My favourite lesson is art because I get to use my arts and crafts skills in my work which I find really fun.

Archie P


On Monday 15th June 2015 we had a math magician for assembly he was AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He mad a sponge the colour of wine red, burnt paper to make £10 note, asked a teacher four questions and gave her a $100000 dollar note. He turned a circle into a square and square into a circle.

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