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Blogging lesson- History research


Later on today you will be writing a letter about what life was like 100 years ago in Britain. I would like you to research what life was like living in the country side. Consider how it was different for men, women and children. Write up what you find in your post.

Blogging- apostrophes


For your blogging today I would like you to look at the different types of apostrophes- possession and contraction. Write about how they are used and then write sentences using apostrophes.

Blogging Lesson


We have been looking at fact and opinion in Literacy. I would like you to tell me what your favourite subject and lesson is and back your opinion up with fact. Use conjunctions to strengthen your arguments and reasons.

Maths Week


This week in school it is maths week. So far we have had a Mathsmagician come into school to demonstrate how magic maths is. I would like you to recount what tricks you saw, and whether you enjoyed the day.



Today in your blogging lessons I would like you to write perfectly punctuated sentences. Your sentences need to have: Full stops capital letters commas ! “” ? To make you sentences more interesting to read think about using: fronted adverbials similes metaphors personification onomatopoeia adjectives adverbs

100 word challenge


This week we are thinking about the weather. It has been cold and blustery here even though it has been sunny. The prompt this week is: …but the ferocious wind … Please make sure you link the correct week and that you have used the best vocabulary you can think of. Remember to be accurate […]



Put in the correct punctuation in the following sentences. You will need apostrophes, commas, speech marks, question marks, exclamation marks, and full stops, as well as capital letters. 1. martin went to the shops to buy a novel called the phoenix and the carpet 2. mrs smyth went to the supermarket to buy bread jam […]

Blogging 28/04/2015


During today’s Literacy lesson you were looking at creating imagery in preparation for writing your own poems. I would like you, during blogging, to research imagery and find some excellent sentences and phrases to help you with ideas for your own writing. Post what you find as either a comment or your own post.

Motorway. Poetry


In literacy this week we are studying poetry. In particular we are looking at a poem called Motorway. Today we heard the poem for the first time and responded to it.

Endangered Animal Blog


For today’s blogging lesson you are continuing to research endangered animals. Look on the internet and find facts about endangered animals to help you with your persuasive writing.

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