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Facts and Opinions By Rachel N


My favourite lesson is art because I get to use my arts and crafts skills in my work which I find really fun.

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Blogging Lesson


We have been looking at fact and opinion in Literacy. I would like you to tell me what your favourite subject and lesson is and back your opinion up with fact. Use conjunctions to strengthen your arguments and reasons.

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Archie P


On Monday 15th June 2015 we had a math magician for assembly he was AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He mad a sponge the colour of wine red, burnt paper to make £10 note, asked a teacher four questions and gave her a $100000 dollar note.

He turned a circle into a square and square into a circle.

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magic maths review by Rachel.s


Magic magician Andrew Jeffrey made a appearance at a primary                     school. Lets find out what’s going on?

On the 15th of June 2015 a magic maths magician named Andrew Jeffrey , made a guest appearance at Aveley  primary school. We came along and here’s what happened…..

As we watched we noticed that the marvellous maths magician was really good for the kids to watch. Also we saw they really got into it. Here is a quote from a child there: “It was amazing I loved it he hade a laugh and we learnt something” more to come as this magic maths story develops.

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My Maths Week By Katie Cole


Yesterday, my class and 4D went to see a math  magician with the year 3s, of course it was great!

First, he gave 4Ds Ella a sponge just one when he looked in her hand after the trick and there was two sponges .Then he did the trick there was 3 and then he did it again there was a four and name is Andrew Jeffrey if you saw him you will giggle.

Next, he had 10 pound and gave it to Mrs Lynn and when she gave it back it turned into 10000000 dollars.

Lastly, he made his square into a circle that was amazing he also made the paper into fire.

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magic maths review


 The maths magician came to our school.

Andrew did amazing tricks and amazed the crowd.

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magic maths review by Jess.s.


Magic arrives at primary school

what’s the news?

On June the 15th 2015 there was an amazing event, magic had arrived .

Ella from 4d  was an assistant , it was a lot of fun .

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Maths Week


This week in school it is maths week.

So far we have had a Mathsmagician come into school to demonstrate how magic maths is.

I would like you to recount what tricks you saw, and whether you enjoyed the day.








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100 word challenge


I am so scared I am about to get eaten by a big black bird because he think I am food. When I am not because I am a girl called Emily not food I was climbing and then I saw seeds and I went to get them and then that bird came to me. I wondered what was going to happen then…. I woke up and I was in a birds mouth I wondered why I was in it’s mouth .Then I knew that I was going to get eaten he saw a worm and dropped me for the worm. I was FREE and then I ran as fast as I could to my house and got in my pyjamas and fell asleep all night.

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Elvijus and Abbies hundred word challenge


There are seeds all over the floor I am doomed!

The GIANT flying creature was about to ripe my head of from my teeny  tiny body,. But some one or some thing stopped it from happening.

Then I saw a huge animal came and swept me of my feet, I wondered is my life over ????!!!!!!!


to continue……

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